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Friday, 14 August 2009

Holga focussing distances

Everyone into Holga photography should know of the fantastic resource called Squarefrog. Recently I revisited this site to demystify the focussing distances of my Holga FN and found some fantastic information here and also a link through to Squarefrog's focussing distances experiment on flickr.

Armed with this new knowledge, I created a reference label roughly the size of the top of my Holga's flash compartment. The resulting label I stuck to the top of the camera and I now have a quick reference when out in the field.

I've also placed below two versions of the label for you to download: one with distances in feet and the other with distances in meters. This won't work if you've got one of those fancy Holgas with the coloured flash filters (which has got a dial on the top), but you can also fix the label to the back of your camera.

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